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Evolution Theory And Human Beings

In school, we all learn theory of evolution. Well, most of us are doing that.

What is taught in schools, however, is only fundamental. What most individuals do not want you to understand, particularly religious fundamentalists, is that theory of evolution can explain human nature very naturally.

It’s not at school. So here I’m going to inform you. First, I’m going to begin from the least shocking findings and then we’re going to go to the most politically incorrect ones individuals tried to conceal you from.

Why is Cheetah runs so fast? Simple. Some Cheetah ran quickly in ancient times, some Cheetah ran slowly. Cheetahs run quickly, gather food and live. Such Cheetah marry, form a family, and produce offspring of life.

The Cheetah’s that are slow die because special ability of a Cheetah is to run fast and not slow, Got it so far? Great, let’s go further.

Here we see a fine-tuned evolution of Cheetah characteristics, namely supporting fast-running Cheetahs.

It turns out, not only do evolution regulate physical characteristics, such as how quickly you can run and other abilities. Fine tuned preferences also evolve. In the gene pool, preferences that work out are preferences that are hard wired in our genes.

We don’t even have to think about those preferences. We just want to do it.

For instance, for most of us, having sex with the opposite sex has powerful preferences. Why? Because those who reside have offspring and those who have not died out.

Nothing weird, nothing weird.

Well…here we go.

Say a man makes 1000 children. Say another male is making 1 child. Which one in the gene pool will survive better? The one that makes 1000 children(Duh!).

See, survival of the gene pool is not a Boolean value.

Preferences that operate in the past in the gene pool are now prevalent preferences. Ugh, I can feel the conservative’s going to begin going back to their bible. Not yet. There’s more here.

One evident way of creating our own genetic copies is by creating children.

Now, if you’re a male, how can you maximize the amount of children you’re making?

You do this by matching as many women as you can. In the past, men who match more females and generate more children, such as Genghis Khan, will better survive in the gene pool. Indeed, a genetic test demonstrates that Genghis Khan’s y chromosome is the same chromosome in Asia with 1 out of 4 individuals.

Let me say it again. Preferences that used to operate in the past are now prevalent preferences. So, what do you want nowadays prevalent typical males? Mate with the maximum number of women.

It doesn’t necessarily make children. In the past, where gender and children are inseparable, our preferences are set. There is absolutely no contraception. So men want the maximum number of women. Wanting as many women as possible is normal. The “normality” of homosexuals, in reality, is not much distinct from the normality of monogamous men.

Successful males are men who can make a lot of money, gain huge political power, and match a lot of females. That’s what people want.

What are females going to want? Women are looking for the finest genes. Those females who choose the finest genes will generate more productive children. How do females assess the genetic material of a male’s quality? By achievement.

Now we’ve got a problem. There’s the same amount of men and women. If one male is successful, no one will be given to the others.

And that’s the world’s primary sources of conflict. We’re in a race when we’re not at war. Those who aren’t competitive will want to knock down those running quickly when we’re in a race. This type of preferences is called envy.

theory of evolution

Then distinct societies have distinct methods of balancing tolerance to achievement and some socialism to appease those who fail.

For instance, the conservative allows financial achievement but demands socialism through a lifetime monogamous connection. For instance, the liberal allows sexual achievement, but in the economy demands socialism.

Taxing children, for instance, rather than earnings and paying dividends to all people, will allow the poor to postpone producing children and have enough money to make them wealthy. Now, that’s the fundamental theory of evolution on people, nature, and preferences. For an article, I suppose that’s all.

Theory of evolution can be very helpful, properly grasped. We can comprehend why many criminal acts against consensual acts are being criminalized. We’ll see that to safeguard disgruntled rivals, those regulations are there.

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