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How To Get Rid Of Spyware


Get Rid Of Spyware / Adware

Spyware and adware (tracking ads) are infecting more and more computers every day. Wherever you go on the Internet, someone on your desk is trying to steal something. Even legitimate websites can set easy login cookies and advertisers who have paid for marketing can monitor your Internet moves and keystrokes to find your secret passwords. Spyware and adware have become the main problem on the Internet.

Many of these programs are dangerous and pose a serious threat to your privacy and your identity on the Internet, but even simple and supposedly benign advertising software programs can cause you serious problems.


Spyware is a kind of program that installs by itself onto your computer with the intent to spy on your activity. It can record your internet searching habits, or whatever you type on your keyboard. Adware is not really something good. It is created to watch what a person does online, where a person goes, what you search for and then sends the results to the ad agency that runs the adware program.

What About Adware?

Advertising programs may have been designed with the best of intentions, but even these can cause serious problems for your computer.

This is what happens. Many, if not most, advertisers on the web will attempt to place a cookie or other small program on your computer. Many advertisers will try to add a code that will follow this cookie as it appears on different pages. The code can be designed simply to collect anonymous data, or it can be tempting to send advertising on your browser to which the advertising company thinks that a person will most likely respond.

Whatever the case, Adware or Spyware is using your personal computer to do its tracking. This ensures that part of your own computer’s power and CPU cycles are being redirected away from the action you are seeking to execute. Your computer is being employed by someone else instead to track your movements. Now, when we grow this behavior by tens or hundreds of Adware or spyware programs just about all trying to use your PC for their work you can start to notice the problem.

What Can They do?

These programs can literally slow down your computer or crash it. They can fill your computer with trash files, open unwanted pop-ups, use the space of your Internet cache and just make your work on your computer a nightmare.

Luckily, there are several easy solutions to the issue, but 1st let me make one distinction, Spyware and Adware are not the same thing as a computer virus. Although a PC virus can install spyware on a computer, you will certainly need different tools to remove a computer virus and keep your system clean from Spyware plus Adware. You should be using a higher quality commercial anti-virus plan and one or a lot more top quality programs for dealing with the spyware/adware problem.

What Are The Recommended Programs?

There are several good spyware / adware on the market. I use two different programs on my network, Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware and Webroot Software Spy Sweeper, although there are several others. You can find them simply by searching online for Ad-aware and Spy Sweeper.

Or simply do a search for spyware. Both of these programs will scan your hard drives and registry and present you along with a set of spyware/adware applications hiding on your program. You can then remove the problematic programs. Using these programs will help you catch these stupid viruses if you try hard enough. Plus, I will run them 2 or even more times in a line, the nastier spyware will not be completely eliminated on the first scan.

The process is very easy and I recommend you run these programs at least once a week and whenever you have done an extended Internet browsing. You will be surprised by the number of spyware / adware that will certainly slip into your program. I manage a flawless network and I still have to check my system and make sure it does not contain any spyware or adware because I really hate it.

So be aware of the problem, take reasonable precautions, scan your system often, and the spyware/adware curse could go away if you take good safety precautions.

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