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How To Run Your Car Using Water

Did you ever wonder why physicists didn’t invent a machine for running your vehicle on water? Such technology has existed and is free to use for over 90 years. It was only a long time ago that modern science did. This isn’t new, but it was never accepted by the vehicle manufacturers because gas was so inexpensive.

Here’s the way your vehicle runs on water.

  • Create a source of electrical renewable energy (read battery and alternator for your vehicles)
  • Mix water with an electrical catalyst (baking soda)
  • Apply the electrical current to the water mixture
  • Look at the bubbles (the bubbles are a hydrogen and oxygen gas combination)
  • Use your car’s vacuum system to remove your gas blend (the bubbles)
  • Pump the hydrogen gas and oxygen gas (HHO) into the cars air intake
  • Mix the HHO with petrol (through intake inside the car’s piston)
  • To explode the combination, use a detonator (that’s what your spark plug does).
  • Enjoy an improved petrol mileage of 50%

vehicle on water

Look too straightforward? Sorry, it’s so simple. Some things are omitted, such as how much of what is being applied in what, how, etc. I wanted to demonstrate you that this is the foundation of how to get your vehicle on water. This way of running your vehicle on the basis of water still uses gas, but not so much. Running your vehicle on water is the best decision ever.

Gas was $3.99 a gallon, distilled water was $0.69 the last time I went to the petrol station. Without this technology, one gallon of gas would get you around 20 miles. The gallon of water extends to nearly 2000 gallons of HHO, allowing you to get 50 percent more on the same gas gallon.

Is this energy free? No, there’s (yet) no such thing. Whether living like plants and animals and non-living like motors and sailboats, every device uses more energy than the products. What’s wonderful is that this technology utilizes energy that’s simply wasted and unused.

You vehicle is about 25 percent effective, meaning it wastes 75 percent of the gas it utilizes, it only takes a tiny rise in effectiveness (5-10 percent) to get a better mileage of 50 percent.

Everywhere on the internet there are full instructions on how to run your vehicle on water. They vary from $49 to $97 in cost. What are you going to get? They just take 60 pages to say the same thing for $49, you get the same directions as above.

The instructions will require the production of a machine shop, so that the average person can not duplicate the scheme. However, one of the more costly options available for $97, but you will learn how to use easy instruments to create the device yourself, no machine shop required. A soldering iron is the toughest instrument to use, and it can look crude and work completely well.

It’s no surprise that the $97 educational eBook is the top selling for such a minute price difference when you compare it to what you’ll save installing the machine, and has been used in over 50 nations to date. It’s the decision you make. You might also choose to do nothing at the pump and continue to pay crazy prices. Because I understand how to operate my vehicle on water, I’ll be sure and honk at you as I drive by the gas station.

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