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Interesting Facts About Our Universe


1. We do not exactly know Milky way looks if viewed from outside. Yes, you read that right. We just know that it’s a spiral galaxy and we can’t deliver a probe far enough to catch the whole galaxy. Each of the images you’ve seen are just works by appearing at other spiral galaxies made. Below is a fictitious picture of the Milky way.


2. The universe resembles a giant cosmic net with galaxies in filaments and space in between called voids. It is hypothesized that our galaxy may be in one of these voids since there aren’t many galaxies.

Every little light in the film is one entire galaxy.


3. Each of the images of exoplanets we have seen are false. We all know about such exoplanets is shown in the images below.


Here will be the dip in the light of this star the exoplanet is orbiting as it passes in front of the star. We celebrate it through telescopes. There are some exoplanets whose direct pictures have been taken. But they’re nowhere near. One such picture was shown below.

In Fact, they’re more like this


The spot is the world and white place in the middle is a brown dwarf known as star that is failed.

4. The space between constructions is so vast that it is immaterial because constructions would be too small to see with eyes to portray them on paper with actual calculations.

So is using space. In a real sense, the Earth would be visible if we had been to map the solar system.

5. Moon revolves around Earth, Earth revolves around sun and sun revolves around the middle of Milky way.


6. Space itself can expand faster than the light. This has been happening.

7. The majority of the space in atoms is space that is empty. Nucleus will be size of a tennis ball, Should you think of this atom as big as a football field and electrons would be in this field’s edge. If you do not leave any space between particles, all of humanity can fit at a sugar cube crystal.

8. Quantum entanglement is a happening in which impacts occur immediately over large distances (even quicker than light). However, we do not know how to use it to pass information.

9. Distance between stars in a galaxy is so huge. It is so big that when Milky way and Andromeda in about 4 Billion years merge, there would barely be some collisions between stars and head you each galaxy has billions of them.

10. Our nighttime sky view will change, as Andromeda and Milky way are going to unite in 4 billion years. Here’s what it will look like in around 2 billion years.


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