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Oil Was Used As An Alternative Energy


Once upon a time, the world’s individuals were desperately looking for solutions to the force of choice that fueled their society in a moment not so long ago.

You see that they used a renewable fuel; the issue was that they depleted it quicker than they could reproduce it. They had small supply reserves, and the future looked bleak. People had almost chased their fuel to extinction, and it was necessary to do something.

“How could this occur?” said the people to each other. “The seas are literally swimming with whales, what are we going to do without their oil? How are we going to light up our homes?” You see, by using a natural resource (anything found in nature), they believed that there would be an infinite supply of whales ‘ blubber and oil to be used as energy.

Increasing populations, however, enhanced demand, and supply diminished.

Oil in steps. Civilization savior. It was considered a nuisance, fields of ruin, streams of pollution. But it’d be burning. Solved the problem. The individuals on the streets chanted “All hail oil.”

It has found the ultimate natural resource. Extracting from the floor was simple and producing cheaper than whale oil. A tiny crew of 15 barrels a day could be produced. The supply was seemingly infinite, the individuals declared, “What else could this wonder fuel be used for?.”


The transport sector was born. Steam at the moment was the power of choice, powering ships, boats, trains, and even carriages without horses. The issue was the origin of oil, timber and coal, but again, they were so overwhelming.

If only a more compact, lighter, and easier to use fuel existed. Ah, this is a dream. Just think about the massive quantities of cargo and people that could be more efficiently moved if they didn’t have to carry so much wood and coal.

The internal combustion engine fueled by petroleum is born. The days of the horse have been numbered. New transport modes were quickly being developed. The diesel locomotive could move from coast to coast huge numbers of people and cargo.

Ships could be larger than ever dreamed of, opening up fresh trading lines to nations never before heard of. Now it could be a truth for a real global economy and worldwide civilization. Thanks to the inexpensive accessible to natural oil resources, so many other resources were now accessible to explore everything.

The whole civilized world has become richer. Now people could own locomotive equipment powered by their own private oil. People were pleased and for many years life continued to thrive under inexpensive petroleum.

History repeats

Although oil is not yet extinct, the average person’s price is beginning to take their toll on their budget. Scientists and people now understand that the oil time has to come to an end.

The alternative power available to date is not effective, costly to generate, and has as much harmful environmental effect as the oil.

In the past, time and money were not devoted to these sources. Need is knocking, however, loudly. We can be ensured that options will be discovered and production procedures invented that will become a reality in the years to come.

“What are we going to do now?” cried the masses. Well, there’s something the average individual can do today to use alternative power to reduce the quantity of gas we’re using by installing a straightforward home-made machine on their vehicle to reduce their average petroleum usage by as much as 50%.

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