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Paralyzed During Sleep? Read now


If you sometimes find that you may be paralyzed while you sleep and can not move, you are affected by sleep paralysis. This condition will bring a new person with average skills a few times in his life. For some, however, the occurrences tend to be frequent, which allows it to be terrifying. Sleep paralysis occurs under a variety of conditions and can be treated.


The underlying factor of sleep paralysis is partial consciousness. These episodes occur if, during the creation of a dream, you can be interrupted and the brain reacts much faster than the body can. You feel the sensation that this dream you had is real. In trying to react, you will find that you can not even move a particular muscle.

What About The Process?

This is because the whole process of coming from sleep was not ever can be a rapid event but a gradual one. If something happens to obstruct your normal sleep jostling your brain into action whilst undergoing a dream then this paralysis sets in.

Being paralyzed throughout sleep is really intended to be a protective measure for you. The body is looking to prevent you from reacting to a thing that is just not there.

Panic and fear usually occur when one efforts to scream and the sound doesn’t even appear. What disturbs me the most though is these so called hallucinations seem so real at that time they occur. With so many repeated occurrences happening to me I couldn’t stand it any further and thought we would research.

I have been faced with many suggested solutions and techniques for this problem. Some methods are as simple as avoidance techniques of known causes, to meditation and yoga. If you see that you happen to be paralyzed while sleeping help is available. You can bid farewell to insomnia.

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