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Renewable Energy – Types, Sources And Much More

Types Of Renewable Energy

What is a renewable energy source? In short, energy that is naturally produced and can be renewed and replenished by human effort is called renewable energy. The four main types of renewable energy sources are solar, hydro, wind, heat, etc. Renewable energy can be used to generate electricity for transport purposes, etc. Let us briefly focus on the types of renewable energy in this article.


Solar energy

types of renewable energy
Solar energy

This is the main renewable source of energy that is available to us in abundance. The radiations given by the sun can be used to generate electricity, which can, in turn, serve various domestic as well as industrial purposes.

With solar-powered heating systems, it’s much cheaper and cheaper for the household, and it’s the best green initiative you can take for your home. Plus, they do not require a lot of maintenance and you can save a lot on your electricity bills. Eating solar-powered foods is better for you in many ways. This is the only way to keep vitamins in your food.


Hydro energy

Hydroelectric dam

“Hydro” means “water.” In ancient days, water from local sources was only used for irrigation purposes. In modern times, thanks to technology, dams and other sources of water are now a huge source of electricity. Water collected in dams enters through a fast-spinning turbine, generating electricity. The Hoover Dam in Las Vegas is the best example for hydroelectricity.

It provides electrical power to the entire city of Vegas. The popularity of hydropower has increased to be about 90% of all renewable energy sources worldwide. However, the huge size of the dams is also limited, which disrupts the daily functioning of the villages by causing floods.


Wind energy

Windmill farm


This is one of the oldest forms of energy that has been used for millennia. In the old days, even before the birth of Christ, wind turbines were said to be used to pump water for irrigation, to drag fishing ships, and to grind flour for domestic consumption.

It was at the moment of the industrial revolution that these turbines started to become a source of electricity generation. By offering electricity to a single household, wind turbines are now able to produce thousands of MW of energy, which can compensate for any shortage of electricity in the town.


Geothermal power

Geothermal energy

This type of energy is produced in areas with volcanic mountains. The volcanic emission, also known as magma, needs to be closer to the surface to generate geothermal power. The popular term used is “volcanic geysers.” Power plants are built on the geysers.

The steam from the geysers, with its fast-spinning capacity, drives the turbine that generates electricity. The process is also said to be sped up by pumping water into the geysers. This way, more steam is generated, and thus, more electricity can be generated.


In conclusion, these are the four main types of renewable resources available for us today. We must be careful in using them so as to prevent exploitation. For further details on the technology, industry trends, and the environmental impact of using renewable resources.

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