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Scary Yet Interesting Facts About Earth


Top 10 Scary Facts About The Earth

Earth is fantastic, it’s our home – a huge blue green dot in the scary vastness of space. Unfortunately, even the Earth has rather scary aspects. However, unless you read this article hundreds of years later, Earth is the only place we can go. So,we are going to have to face these fears.

The Overdue Asteroid

Asteroids On Their Way To Earth

65 million years ago, a 15-km-wide asteroid struck modern Mexico, triggering a series of events that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. An asteroid of this size hitting the Earth is extremely rare. Scientists estimate that it occurs every 50 to 60 million years.

If you’ll bear in mind, the past one that damaged the dinosaurs, was 65 million in the past. Some people claim that means we have been a minimum of 5 million years overdue for one more huge asteroid. Let’s just hope it doesn’t arrive in the years to come because there’s nothing we will do in order to stop it.

Earth Orbits A Black Hole

black hole
A blackhole

Yes, the truth is, not only the Earth, however, the sun and all our solar systems. In fact, each solar system of the Milky Way is supposed to orbit a giant black hole. It is about 4.3 million times the mass in the sun. Sometimes astronomers notice an eruption – probably after eating an asteroid too close.

That’s essentially what we’re orbiting round on a big scale. The good news is that it is over 25,000 light years away – meaning the sunlight we view from this now left there when humans were hunting wooly mammoths and couldn’t know the best way to grow crops. So it’s pretty distant.

Space Is Nearer Than you Think

No matter where you read this article, it concerns virtually everyone. The distance is 100 km or 62 miles – this way. If you think about it – it’s not very far. There is 100 km of atmosphere that thins gradually until you reach the space. In all directions. An icy darkness, a deadly radiation and no air. If you really want to see how thin our atmosphere bubble is, NASA offers a lot of cool and disturbing images.

Global Warming

global warming
Global Warming

I know, you are certain that all people know that global warming could be the biggest threat on the planet. Human activity resulted in a 0.8 degree increase in global average temperature.

16 of the 17 hottest years ever recorded have occurred since 2001. We have seen an increase in the number of extreme weather events and the melting of polar ice at an alarming rate. Floods and heatwaves are ruining agriculture in most parts of the world. No raw material could destabilize international peace and cause instability. There is no need to say, Earth is changing, it’s really what we can do to soften the shock.

The Ticking Clock

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old, it’s quite old. Every billion years, the sun’s brightness increases by about 10% because it burns hydrogen. If another 10% increase were to occur, the Earth would not be in the habitable zone, which includes life allowed to flourish.

The oceans evaporate, creating a greenhouse gas that traps heat and improves the job much more. As far as we know, this will happen in a billion years only. Obviously, it’s far from it, humans may well have been extinguished for a long time or in space – it is disconcerting to think that the definitive end is slowly approaching the planet.

The Supervolcanoes

Super Volcano

There have been many super volcanoes in Earth’s history – cataclysmic events that have put all life on earth on their knees, sometimes even completely stopped. The most likely candidate for another supervolcano is Yellowstone USA. The entire national park is on the surface of a huge reservoir of magma. Scientists say it bursts every 600,000 years without fail.

Something should be in place because it’s been 640,000 years since the past eruption. That does not mean the volcano has become dormant. The soil of Yellowstone is 74 cm higher than it was in 1923, which indicates a huge swelling of the magma.

The Earth’s Orbit Speed

If you stand at the equator, it is possible that you are shooting with the Earth at over 1000 km / h. At the same time, the Earth revolves around the Sun at around 100,000 km / h. Indeed, when you look at this article, you move through the sun about 87 times faster than the sound. The reason you do not fly is because everything happens on Earth is with constant rate.

It’s like if you are in a vehicle, nothing appears like it’s moving inside as it would be all moving in the same rate. If the car stops suddenly though – your drink would go flying. It’s the same with the Earth – if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning, we’d all go flying, hopefully it lets you stop…


A dinosaur

There have been 5 major mass extinction events in Earth’s history – where over 75% of species have disappeared. Scientists think that we are currently living in the 6th state – it’s called the Holocene extinction. This began at the end of the last ice age with the disappearance of large land animals, much like the mammoth.

It continues today with species dying out over 100 times the normally expected rate – the truth is, we lose 150 types of plants, insects, birds and mammals each day. Of course, species dying out is natural but scientists feel that humans really are a major contributor to this. Meat consumption, overfishing and overpopulation are just some of the possible causes.

What Will Happen To Earth If All Human die?

Earth would not care. If we disappeared today, there would be very little history that would have existed in a few hundred million years. Earth would look completely natural. There may still be a handful of human fossils, but every city, every bridge, every image, everything you’ve seen or used will be destroyed over time.

The extraterrestrials who visit the Earth may know that we only went because of what we left about the moon: these objects are still there when there is no natural erosion around from the moon. It’s still pretty intense. Does anything even matter anymore?

Earth Is 8 light Minutes Away From The Sun

That means it takes 8 minutes for the light to be successful – if you look at the sun, which you should not, you actually see how it was 8 minutes ago. It’s cool but there is another disturbing thought. If the Sun exploded or disappeared, we would not know what had happened for another 8 minutes – whether we were looking in the sky or not, it would still look beautiful because the sun would not reach us again.

The outcomes of a blast will hit us soon after. It’s a scary thought to think that as you’ve been reading this article, the Sun would have imploded and everything would seem fine right now, maybe you should go and look at the sky to see if the sun is fine.

I like to think that this short article was obviously a healthy mix of scary and interesting facts. I think there are many more facts than scary reasons to have the Earth – it’s hard to be too scared of your own home, but I hope you did at least get scared slightly.

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