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Top 11 Scientific Facts

Interesting Scientific Facts Why isn't science appreciated by many more individuals? Well, those who do not appreciate it will appreciate it soon enough! With this at core, let me share some incredible science facts that I hope will inspire one to discover fresh stuff every day. However, this list is really a

Understanding Solar Thermal Energy

thermal system

How Solar Thermal Works Solar Thermal can heat air or water with all the energy from the sun. Imagine a cold crisp winter day and inside your home it's toasty warm. You have not heard the furnace or boiler run. The gas bill started in the mail last week and you

What are Cancer Cells?

human body

This Is How Cancer Works Cancer is described as a group of diseases that have a attribute of abnormal cell development. But what is cancer? What does this actually imply? The human body is made up of small bricks known as 'cells'. There are trillions of microscopic cells in our body.

When The Polar Shift Takes Place

polar shift

The inevitable occurrence of polar change and the interruption of the Earth's turn requires long and short-term preparation. Let's talk about what to do when and shortly after it happens. In another article, the definition of "safe place" will be discussed, since this is a rather complex issue in itself. The