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The Coolest Thing That A.I Has Achieved So Far

Speech2Face is a neural network model which may recreate the face of someone just. The resemblance is evident, although the results are not perfect. It was designed at MIT and the appropriate research paper was printed last week (overdue May 2019). Millions of video sections from sources were used to

Scary Yet Interesting Facts About Earth


Top 10 Scary Facts About The Earth Earth is fantastic, it's our home - a huge blue green dot in the scary vastness of space. Unfortunately, even the Earth has rather scary aspects. However, unless you read this article hundreds of years later, Earth is the only place we can go.

Top 6 Strange Phenomena Unexplained By Science

Facts That Are Still Unexplained By Science The society has always been in a fierce struggle with mother nature going hand in hand with many of its most intriguing blows and punches often testing and losing to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and meteors. We are used to these attacks, but from

Artificial Intelligence: What Is It?

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The most well-known way to look at artificial intelligence/machine is the Turing test, initially developed by Alan Turing in 1950 as a way of answering the question, "Can a machine assume?" The basic idea is that a human interrogator would find out about two gamers, one as being a machine

Time Travelling Into the Past Or Future

Is Time Travel Possible? We all know that a time travel journey is feasible. Stephen Hawking says, "We don't need the know-how to do that right away, but it's just a matter of engineering; we all know it can be finished." The Time Journey in Einstein's Universe: The Bodily Potentialities of

What are Cancer Cells?

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This Is How Cancer Works Cancer is described as a group of diseases that have a attribute of abnormal cell development. But what is cancer? What does this actually imply? The human body is made up of small bricks known as 'cells'. There are trillions of microscopic cells in our body.

Paralyzed During Sleep? Read now


If you sometimes find that you may be paralyzed while you sleep and can not move, you are affected by sleep paralysis. This condition will bring a new person with average skills a few times in his life. For some, however, the occurrences tend to be frequent, which allows it

How To Get Rid Of Spyware


Get Rid Of Spyware / Adware Spyware and adware (tracking ads) are infecting more and more computers every day. Wherever you go on the Internet, someone on your desk is trying to steal something. Even legitimate websites can set easy login cookies and advertisers who have paid for marketing can monitor

The Key To Build A Gaming PC

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Build Your Very Own Gaming PC For a gamer, what can become more fulfilling than to create your own gaming PC? In fact, the only method to get the best out of your computer and maximize your gaming encounter is to build it yourself. However, there are usually tightly kept secrets amongst