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This Is How A Mobile Phone Jammer Works

Mobile jammers are the instruments used to prevent signals from reaching cell phones. It works on all types of available networks such as GSM, CDMA, etc. These jammers can be useful in many areas where secrecy and confidentiality are important. In many countries, the use and commercial activities of these

What Is This DeepFake Technology?

Something You Should Know About DeepFake There's some serious hype lately about this AI algorithm called DeepFake, that's able to swap the face of anyone in a video with anybody else. Some of the example I've seen are amazingly realistic. I'm going to tell you how this algorithm works through theory

How To Get Rid Of Spyware


Get Rid Of Spyware / Adware Spyware and adware (tracking ads) are infecting more and more computers every day. Wherever you go on the Internet, someone on your desk is trying to steal something. Even legitimate websites can set easy login cookies and advertisers who have paid for marketing can monitor

The Key To Build A Gaming PC

computer retailers

Build Your Very Own Gaming PC For a gamer, what can become more fulfilling than to create your own gaming PC? In fact, the only method to get the best out of your computer and maximize your gaming encounter is to build it yourself. However, there are usually tightly kept secrets amongst

The Sun’s Solar Storm

solar storm

The universal wonder of deep space should be respected as the sun's magnificence is eventually transforming and dispersing its distinctive properties-giving equilibrium of life. And contrary to historical records of what nature's wrath can do to our planet, there is increasing fresh fear among today's researchers and it does not