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The Forgotten Genius – Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, crazy scientist or genius that has been forgotten? Born in the 1800’s in Croatia, Tesla has directly affected our modern world in ways that influence our daily life.

Before he was 18 years old, Nikola Tesla was known as one of the greatest geniuses of the 20th century, credited with the invention of alternating current (AC Power), radio, radar, remote control, robotics and fluorescent lights and almost 700 other patents. Unfortunately, owing to eccentric behavior and exaggerated announcements, Tesla also had the reputation of a mad scientist.

Nikola Tesla acquired a place working with and helping Thomas Edison when he immigrated to the United States. It wasn’t long before rivalries between Tesla and Edison arose, however, as Tesla’s work on alternating current competed directly with Edison’s job on Direct Current.

It wasn’t long before at Niagara Falls, New York State, the two took each other on head to head. Tesla won the race after a public fight between Tesla and Edison to create his first wonderful dream that would harness Niagara Falls ‘ energy to generate energy. By 1897, Tesla had become a house hold name with alternating current.

Free Energy

Tesla was obsessed with the concept of offering free energy to the globe and went to work to perfect electrical power generation without the use of fuel, solar or wind. He would take out of “the vacuum.” the electrical power. He would also show electrical power transmission without cables.

Tesla demonstrated electrical power transmission over many kilometers using the “Shoeman Cavity” a 60 km high region between the earth and the bottom of the Ionosphere and charged with megawatts of electrical power by lightning bolts generated worldwide.

By merely keeping them with the field he had developed, he lit fluorescent lamps. Tesla also proved electrical power transmission through waves of electricity passing through earth lights up to 25 kilometers from his laboratory.

The notorious banker and financier, JP Morgan, was brought to Tesla at this stage. Tesla convinced Morgan that he could create a multimillion-dollar broadcasting system globally. Morgan invested quickly and the Wardenclyff Tower project was started by Tesla.

The Wardenclyff Tower project

Initially, Wardenclyff was about radio broadcasting; however, Tesla persuaded JP Morgan that he could pull power from the Ionosphere, enabling electricity to be transmitted worldwide without wires-free energy for all.

Marconi announced at this moment that a trans-ocean radio transmission had been effectively finished. Seeing that there was no way to make cash out of a free energy device and fearing that Marconi would monopolize Morgan’s radio pulled away from Tesla.

Ironically, 40 years later, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Marconi had already copied his technology from Tesla’s patents, and it was Tesla who had found radio transmission, not Marconi.

Some claim the Wardenclyff project was shut down more than JP Morgan pulling it out. The one who scuttled it was Tesla himself. He feared that Wardenclyff’s future strength might bring permanent damage to individuals and the planet. He understands that militarization could bring down aircraft and sink boats from this technology.

Death Ray

Tesla announced his ray of death in July 1934. Tesla said he could end all wars with just 12 of these guns!

Tesla’s Death Ray was a weapon of particle beam, minute particle electrostatic acceleration. Extremely tiny particles (microprojectiles) accelerated by using high voltage to extremely high speeds. The speed or velocity used was so high that it could cause severe harm to very tiny particles.

You could bring down a plane, sink a boat or take out a missile with a stream of extremely accelerated particles concentrated on one place. This looks like the 1980’s Star Wars project of Ronald Ragen (SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative).

Tesla said his “Teleforce” could be used with just 12 of these guns strategically positioned around the U.S. to maintain the U.S. secure from any enemy. The U.S. government took an active interest in Tesla and his Death Ray with the globe on the brink of World War 2.

In the 1940s, the U.S. government undertook work and development of Tesla’s Particle Beam Technology and, so to speak, it fell off the radar quickly.

The same period’s New York Times indicated that Tesla’s Death Ray could send a focused beam of particles through the atmosphere and cause millions of armies to fall in their tracks and is Tesla’s most significant invention. However, Tesla rendered it impossible for any government to exploit its technology in an unprecedented decision.

In sections, he distributed the plans for his Particle Beam Weapon to the English, Canadian, American, and Russian Governments (who were then allied with the United States). Tesla? The plan was that if they wished to realize their invention, each government would have to sit down and work together.

What occurred to the Particle Beam Weapon from Tesla? Try to goggling Talon High Energy Laser Weapon and you might get an idea!

In conclusion

Today, science requires to look at Tesla and his work in a fresh way. In this contemporary globe, Tesla is everywhere around us. Every time you switch on a light, we are reminded of Nikola Tesla using your mobile phone or microwave supper. We also need to imagine what a world of free energy and a world without wires could have been.

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