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The Most Recent Inventions – Four Cases

Are the creations the last of their kind? Are you reaching a peak in inventiveness, or even passing it? It is not likely.

You may have heard that in 1899 the US Patent Office asked President McKinley to close the office because “anything that could be invented was invented”. Even the story was told in a speech by President Reagan. In fact, it is an urban myth, thought only because it has been repeated so often. But this indicates the query: “How many objects can still be invented?”

An infinite amount is the answer in my mind. Anyone with creative thinking skills could think of a dozen types of seating in a matter of hours. These are only creations in your document, but multiply it by the number of elements that can be reinvented and if only a small number of them are marketable … Well, you see the idea.

Then there are. Over inventions or improvement of items are new creations. As an example, I recently got a gift from an inventor called the “Winners Bank 200” which filled a need that’s been here for a while. The size of a pack of cigarettes, it is a lockable bank which you set your winnings in as you gamble at the community casino.

If you buy a little, ideally, you slip a bill. At the end of the night, you could have $ 200 inside, allowing you to go ahead. Oh, have I already mentioned that you leave the key at home, so you can not make your winnings at the casino? Now, it’s a great idea. Here are some of the inventions.

A New Self Healing Plastic


A person’s skin heals itself, but not plastic until now. Researchers Nancy Sottos and Scott White and their colleagues at the University of Illinois have come up with a plastic that worked with a healing agent. If you scratch or scratch this plastic, it heals in minutes and it can do it up to seven times exactly in one place. There will probably be many applications for this creation.

Printed Computer Chips


At the Seiko Epson Corporation in Japan, coworkers and Masahiro Furusawa have made rather than etching them, a printer which prints silicon chips. Thus far, it appears that it may be much less inefficient than the standard procedure, which melts more than 98% of the silicon at the practice of etching. It makes one wonder what else can be”printed.”

Strain-Reducing Shock Absorbing Backpacks

Backpacks and typical day packs cause back strain in a since they wind up and down as we stroll. To solve this problem, Lawrence Rome and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania and the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole Massachusetts, have created a new suspension system.

When a man or woman is running normally, a five-pound load of novels in a pupils pack can pull on the shoulders with up to fifteen-pounds of stress. Their system cuts that in half, with bungee cords and pulleys. One version of the backpack that is new uses that motion to create more than seven watts of power – enough to recharge a mean cell phone.

These are just a couple of examples of the latest inventions. There are a million items waiting to be invented. One can look at new methods to use existing technology, methods and demands which aren’t filled to generate ideas – and those are just three of a hundred methods to imagine creations.

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