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The Science Behind Parallel Universes

type of multiverse

The True Science Of Parallel Universes

Everyone loves the idea of parallel universe, it might be a plea for a perfect world where you have a second chance and things have gone differently. An alternative reality in which I have joined the source and where the past Star Wars films have not been created. The USB cable has been linked properly since the first attempt, but is there a place in science to suppose this theory? I mean, if the universe is all there is, you can’t have two versions, can you? Otherwise, the universe would be all, and what we call the universe is not all.

The problem here is the terminology and physicists sometimes speak informally by saying “universe”. What they really mean by “visible universe” is a part of the total galaxy that we can see. We can also talk about more than one visible universe. For example, a stranger on the edge of our visible universe will see parts of the total universe that we can not see because the light does not have enough time to reach us.

parallel universe
Upside down!

But this question is well understood and is not what physicists are talking about when they talk about several visible universes or “multiverse”. In short: in physics, the word “multiverse” generally refers to 3 physical models of the universe that has nothing to do with each other, and none of these models has been tested.

The Three “Multiverse” Models

Type # 1

The bullous universe or the small black holes are the simplest type of “multiverse”: The basic idea is that there may be other parts of the universe, so far that we will not be able to see it. Even inside the black holes, we will not be able to see them either.

A blackhole

This model was created to explain why we are so special in the generation of stars, galaxies, black holes and life. As the argument goes, if each of these “bubbles” is completely disconnected in the universe where the laws of physics are slightly different, we can therefore, by definition, exist only in the one who has laws of nature that allows us to exist. For example, we must be aware that the earth has been formed. If there is no land, we will not be here. If you are not convinced of this logic, do not worry too much, there is not much empirical evidence for this “multiverse” model yet.

Type # 2

Membranes and extra dimensions are partially influenced by the failure of string theory mathematics to predict the whole of the aspects of the visible universe. String Theory proposed the concept of a 9-dimensional superuniverse.

In the same way, newspaper articles are a two-dimensional surface integrated in our 3D world. Of course, if space had nine dimensions instead of three, there would be a lot of room for other three-dimensional surfaces that appeared, like our surface, to be universes themselves, but like newspaper pages, they were actually part of something bigger.

These types of surfaces are called “membranes” for short. As a reminder, there is still no empirical evidence for this type of multiverse.

Type # 3

Images of several worlds for quantum mechanics. Surprisingly, physicists still do not fully understand how the wave function of quantum physics is broken. The hypothesis of several worlds explains this hypothesis by assuming that each time frame of the universe is real – and that they all occur in a complex way forever.

Like cosmic novels, where all possible stories occur. If this is the case, we can not realize it because we will have to live in one of the many infinite lives that are offered to us. In some ways, the theory of multiple worlds is similar to bubble universe theory, assuming that “maybe everything can happen, it will happen” and that we are only in the chain of events that we need to exist.

black holes
Our marvelous universe

Of course, if you want to be creative, you can combine many of these models to create multiple plural universes. A new high specification model is based on predictive and empirically uncertain models. But that does not mean that experiments on multiverse theories can not be conducted. For example, if our visible universe is actually just one of the many scattered bubbles or membranes and I hit a bubble or other membrane in the past, this collision will certainly have an effect on what we see in the night sky.

On the other hand, the theory of multiple worlds could be tested soon. Experimental physicists are improving their ability to manipulate and control large volume systems in their laboratories. Systems of convergence between the quantum world and our daily reality. So, as always, we must remember that physics is science, not a philosophy. In order to explain the universe we see, we must in principle find exploitable hypotheses, then try them! .

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