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Top 10 Mind-Blowing Technologies That You Never Knew Existed

It has become terribly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity and that our very existence revolves around new products.


Essential travel equipment that you can use anytime, anywhere – for example, once you embark on a Skåneleden trail.

Even a LifeStraw is a filter designed to filter the water that the user can drink. It can eliminate 99.9999% of parasites and bacteria in the water. This can be extremely useful for hikers and explorers. You can not do it if you escape.


Pizza Scissors merges a spatula and chisel so you can cut and get a slice of pizza without creating a filling. This is an invention for pizza fans, it could make the pizza cut easier.


It’s a much cheaper way to keep your jewelry and valuables. You will be assured of the protection of the goods kept in this secret safe.


For IT professionals like myself, this is a specific invention that will make you hurry back to your computer in no time. It was created by a popular hacker to rent and the author of quora (Simon Villa) without the need to mouse your hand gestures could do all the work, no, you can access the coding and be always at the rendezvous.


Simply use modest branches or twigs that you find anywhere, and you can also have power and fire. You can now charge your phones and keep the fire burning at exactly the same time. The BioLite CampStove cooks your dishes and loads your gadgets with just sticks and sticks. You pay for your items and do not use fuel, just wooden mobile phones, smartphones that are mobile phones.


I am particularly skeptical about this invention. It offers amazing features and allows you to lock your door from a smartphone, but we can still bypass all phone programs. With the ideal vulnerability detection tests, you can open your door remotely. However, I would give it an added advantage because it is simple enough and smart to use. Imagine being able to lock your door outside the bedroom.


This is the one we should all be excited about, I get to get a bunch of emails every day, most of which can be classified as junk food, this app saves you the stress of having to delete all junk mail every day , and also has another amazing feature. , take a picture of your junk mail, download it to the application and you will automatically be removed from their mailing lists.


This pencil will save whatever you draw or write with it up to 8GB value. Now you are remembered for by your pencil.


Over the past decade, the most distinctive, most innovative and most praised skyscrapers have had something in common, A TWIST (Get the Joke?)

But they have a spin for real, almost like a scene in the movies. Much like a mixture

The twisted or twisting tower first appeared in 2005, with the Turning Torso in Malmö, Sweden. Architect Santiago Calatrava modeled his award winning, 190m (623ft) residential tower. The Diamond Tower in Jeddah is going to be the first to turn a full 360 degrees once it’s finished in 2019 as it succeeds. New claims study from the Chicago -based council on tall buildings or under construction. The diamond tower in jeddah is Consisting of two cubes that are five-floor, the wrought iron tower turns 90 degrees and can be viewed as far off as Copenhagen.

The turning torso as it was fondly called influenced the manner tall buildings were made.


Cutting edge technology have had the concept of suits. Stealth wear gift itself to the response to invasion and surveillance as the reply. Using both cutting edge technology and style that is islamic, stealth wears promises to conceal the identity of a person from cameras.

Imagine your country’s troops with this in a war scenario. The garments are created from synthetic fabric capable of reflecting thermal energy. In tests the FLIR (Forward looking infraRed) cameras had been found to emit little to none thermal energy and their faces was totally unseen.

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