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Understanding Solar Thermal Energy

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How Solar Thermal Works

Solar Thermal can heat air or water with all the energy from the sun. Imagine a cold crisp winter day and inside your home it’s toasty warm. You have not heard the furnace or boiler run. The gas bill started in the mail last week and you also smile to yourself if you know now this past year you had been paying double or perhaps triple this amount.

Now it’s the perfect time for any shower and get dressed for the entire day, again you smile if you know your trouble certainly won’t take money from the pocket. Even doing the laundry and washing dishes won’t create a dent in the bank. Does this sound too good to be true? Well it isn’t really thanks to Solar Energy.

solar thermal

Up on the roof can be a number of solar collectors that capture the heat from your sun and convert it into heat energy. A set of coils inside your tank are linked to these collectors as well as a heat conducting food grade glycol circulates, transferring this heat energy.

Boiler System

If you might have radiant floor heat as well as a boiler system then a set of coils will be linked to another holding tank that is certainly linked to your boiler. This tank preheats the lake on your boiler therefore it doesn’t need to operate as hard burning gas to heat your house.

In as few as 2 days a thermal system can be installed on the home and you also could start saving money. A team of two installers is certainly needed.

What do these changes mean for you? A smaller gas bill each and every month for  25 plus years. With the money it can save you on the gas bill, you might install a Solar Thermal system in as few as four to five years (without incentives or tax credits). Add on these credits and incentives along with your return on the investment and it drops even quicker.

Contact your neighborhood Renewable Energy systems provider today and find out exactly what a Solar Thermal system can do.

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