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Unknown Facts About The Human Body

The human body is the most complex machine. There are many scientific studies and researches to find out more about how the human body works. Now, it is unfair to say that the examinations have gone nowhere. Scientists have made considerable progress in figuring how the the human body works. The research is ongoing and comes across new findings every day. Here are some strange human body facts that you didn’t know earlier.

Blood Supply In All Parts Of Our Body

human body facts
Blood cells

As children, we were all educated that we have a blood supply to all parts of the body. Well, it is not true. There is no blood circulation or blood supply to the cornea. It absorbs oxygen from the air directly. Even if you are a healthy adult, with the fat in your body, it is possible to make a minimum of seven bars of soap.

Babies Have More Bones

human body facts
Human bones

Babies have more bones than adults. You are born with 300 bones and die with 206. About a quarter of the total bones in your body are in your feet.

The Earwax Is Actually A Type Of Sweat


An interesting fact about your ears is that they never stop growing and earwax is actually a type of sweat.

The Heart Beats Even Outside Our Body

Heart beat

The heart is capable of beating even when taken outside the human body. It is the only muscle that never tires. Even your brain needs a little winding off. But, your heart never takes a break. One other strange fact is that, when you listen to music, you can feel your heartbeat beating with the rhythm. Rihanna had a point when she said, “make sure that your heartbeat beats with the rhythm,” didn’t she?

Cells Of The Human Body

Human cells

The cells of the human body are the most complex. According to doctors and scientists, if you split a cell into a hundred pieces and study each section one after the other, the findings of each shattered piece can be published as a 3000-page book. In every minute, you shed more than 30,000 dead cells.

Height Of Astronauts

Have you ever felt a little taller at the beginning of the day? Here are some weird human body facts about your height. You are 1 centimeter taller in the morning than when you go back to bed at night. Also, astronauts can grow up to 2 inches taller in outer space.


You can’t die by holding your breath. What about those reflexes? You can’t breathe and swallow at the same time.


Now let’s talk about all the organs that we have in pairs. Strangely, all the organs that we have two of, we can totally survive with just one. This applies to external organs like hands, legs, eye, ears, etc. as well as internal organs like kidneys. Surprising fact about kidneys, both kidneys are not perfectly aligned in a straight line. Your left kidney is a little higher up than your right.

Brain Facts

Finally, let’s get into some “brain” facts. Your brain can survive only 5 to 7 minutes without oxygen. If you used a rolling pin and smoothed out your brain, it would lay flat, large as a pillowcase. The much-debated concept of “pregnancy brain” is real. Pregnant women actually face some shrinkage in their brain until the delivery of the baby.

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