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When The Polar Shift Takes Place

polar shift

The inevitable occurrence of polar change and the interruption of the Earth’s turn requires long and short-term preparation. Let’s talk about what to do when and shortly after it happens.

In another article, the definition of “safe place” will be discussed, since this is a rather complex issue in itself. The first thing you should do when the process has begun is to take you and your loved ones to that safe place, assuming you have a safe place.

The more likely you are to survive the effects of polar change, the sooner you will mobilize to protect yourself. I hope you were not ignorant and took steps to keep yourself safe over long distances.

The timing chosen for this will not surprise you, because 7 weeks before the change, “the incoming planet will be seen in the sky without the help of a telescope, 7 weeks before the change”

The real stop of the rotation of the Earth will not come like a mechanical clock, a watch and everything that has a regularity like a clock will last a long time and it will take a full day to stop.

When the planet stops rotating, you may or may not be in your safe location, there is no immediate reason for panic, although most people are going to be in shock and simply not doing what they need to do to withstand the effects of the polar shift.

polar shift

You will still be able to travel by rail and highway; however, magnetic fields, rail infrastructure may be out. The same applies to vehicles, while fundamental diesel engines are your best bet to function without any problems.

In any event, if you are not yet there, begin moving instantly to a secure place. Even that safe location won’t be enough for many individuals to survive. All this relies on the aftermath of the polar changes and how severe volcanoes and earthquakes will harm our infrastructure and nuclear installations.

Since calculating the exact time of the Earth’s standstill will be relatively simple and accurate the nearer we get to the case, final preparations and rehearsals can be made during the real week and minor problems can be resolved.

One part of the globe will experience a very long night on the actual day of the standstill, which will be much colder than usual, while the other part will be extremely long with extreme mid-summer conditions. Wherever you are, make sure these situations are prepared and anticipated.

Because magnetic storms will not only produce heavy rains after the day of standstill, elevated and heavy winds will precede those rains. The lower you are to ground level, the less you will be affected by the winds.

Being below the surface, for instance, can trigger other problems like floods, earthquakes and collapses. Depending on your place, downpour, deluges and flooding may happen. So wherever you go the shift shouldn’t be where you’re going to be flooded or drowned.

The best way to avoid current constructions is not to plan to be in or under any current framework. During quakes, the least buildings around you are, the better. Plan to be susceptible, not upright.

Now that you’ve determined what to do when the hour comes, the next thing is to watch the real hour. It is essential that you assign people within your group a rotating position to watch the skies for indications of change without stopping.

Because of gravity attraction, the tail of the passing planet will curve towards the earth, so some red dusting will occur almost as soon as rotation stops. But when the hour of the shift approaches, the tail lashing becomes extreme, with dropping gravel and hail, not just red dust.


This will be your indication that the change will take place within hours, when you should all look for shelter under the sod or metal towers built over trenches or overhangs.

This will safeguard against dropping magnetic storms and debris. This may not be nice enough during the standstill as you need to ensure that you do not come into contact with solar radiation since there is no magnetic shield, this shield no longer filters deadly radiation.

It is not essential for everyone to be susceptible for hours, as long as skilled people continue to watch the skies. In specific, children should be permitted to release their energy into play, but maintain them close and within the voice call.

The separation of the crust from the heart will be one of the final indications for the beginning of the stoppage, and that is unmistakable in that jiggling can be felt. Stars or the Sun or anything in the sky that is noticeable will shift.

Preparations for the shift itself should be made when this moment arrives: lie down, keep kids firmly in hand so they can’t panic and run into the wind or lash tail.

Singing loud in a group singing or some other engrossing activity will assist in this regard to maintain the spirits up and prevent as much panic as possible.

It will be evident at the end of the hour that it will arise safely as jolting will have stopped. A heavenly test can be done. Have the stars stopped moving or the Sun? Then the change is past… assuming that no other significant natural disasters, such as volcano spitting lava, tsunamis flooding small lands, and other disasters that play a major role stopped occurring.

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